First CARING results presented at ICPE 2013

The first results of research related to CARING have been presented at the 29th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management. The conference was held at the Montréal Convention Center, Canada, from 25-28 August 2013.

The following presentations were given: 

Oral Presentation:

  • Use of Metformin and Survival of Diabetic Women with Breast Cancer (download the abstract:

Poster Presentations:

  • Factors Affecting the Association of Cancer Risk among Patients Treated with Anti-Diabetic Medication (download:
  • CARING: Tumour Characteristics of Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Breast Cancer Patients (download:
  • CARING: Diabetes Mellitus and Risk of Cancer - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (download:
  • CARING: Does Subgroup Analysis by Gender Modify the Potential Association between Diabetes Mellitus and Cancer?- A Meta-Analysis (download:

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